Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boating on the Bosphorous

June 25

Yesterday afternoon, after a cone of refreshing lemon ice cream, we were treated to a boatride on the Bosphorous. It was a shining afternoon, with increasing choppiness on the water as the day progressed. The view from the water made all of us realize the enormity of the Bosphorous...and how the buildings along the shoreline tell story after story about the rich history of Istanbul. Fortresses, summer palaces, mosques, buildings turned into 5 star hotels, children diving into the water along the shoreline mosques, etc... The friendliness of the Turkish people spoke beautifully again, as the owner of the small boat, which held about 25 people, stopped and got water for all of us.

There were moments when I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing...feeling almost as if I'd stumbled upon a postcard and magically walked inside the border. And there were moments when all I could do was close my eyes, position my face toward the sun, and just feel the day on my skin...

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