Monday, June 22, 2009

Food Artistry in Istanbul

June 22

This photo is just one example of the culinary artistry in Turkey. This is a carved watermelon, displayed amidst the offerings in a street cafe in Istanbul...

Above is another typical example of the beautiful presentation of food in Turkey... The closest similarity in Michigan would probably be the display windows in Mackinac City, where people stand mezmerized watching fudge afficianados stretch, pull, and cut that deliciously gooey substance. The food workers here in Istanbul are very gregarious, often calling to people strolling along the walkway to come and try their creations. There are many ice cream and gelato small shops, and many of the vendors dress up in costumes that are especially pleasing and attractive to young children... almost a clownish outfit... and they make a delightful production out of crafting a heaping cone of ice cream from various flavors. The result is magical.
To share another Turkish proverb with you...
"A heart in love with beauty never grows old."
How true and evident this is as I explore street after street in Istanbul...

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