Monday, June 29, 2009

Life in a Turkish Village

June 29
Today we traveled to Ayvacik, which was about a 90 minute drive from where we are staying in Canakkale. We visited a Woman's Cooperative specializing in brilliantly colored rugs. Part of the day, too , was spent in one of the villages that participates in the Cooperative. There is a very real division of labor, and we were fortunate to observe the whole process of dying the wool with various natural agents like dandelions. The age span, especially of the woman, at this home in the village was very noticible, with everyone taking part in the process as their age allowed. I will be posting a more detailed post about the village very soon.... As you know by now, we have been kept very busy, thanks to our fearless leader Gottfried. When we spend a portion of the day in the van, there is very little time to actually write, so I apologize in advance for not keeping up with the writing posts on a daily basis.
Another highlight of today was our lunch at Tahtakuslar. This little village is cozied in the mountains and the view from the restaurant truly took my breath away. I have to remind myself to breathe, for every where you turn here, there is such beauty. More photos will follow.

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