Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating Scott's Birthday in Istanbul

July 3 Merhaba! Today we celebrated Scott's birthday! This is his first and probably only party in Turkey. We arranged in advance for a "cake" for him at a restaurant that is actually famous for it's chicken and beef ravioli. So, we didn't know quite what we might get, because that "cake" concept varies greatly from culture to culture. Along with the salad, the wait staff brought out several plates of rather hard and a bit dry cornbread cut into strips. We assumed this is what translated as cake, although we asked the restaurant not to Americanize the treat. Well, once the main meal was completed, the staff brought out a beautiful chocolate cake with sparklers for candles! I had actually expected layered baklava with a candle stuck in the top of the pile, but we ended up with something that was very familiar to us. Happy Birthday, Scott!!! It was a joy to share this celebration with you!

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