Thursday, July 9, 2009

Initial Images as we entered Cappadoccia

July 10th
We arrived in Cappadoccia last night, taking in a salt water lake on the way. This place has captured more than our imaginations. Today I will learn more about these human and pigeon houses carved into rock. There are "fairy chimneys," too, which are supposed to look like ghosts dancing in the night. I need to get downstairs to board the van, as we are going exploring once again. I've given up on this writing being a linear account, so please be patient as I move in and out of our time sequence. I just had to let you see the magical place we are in right this moment... And, dear Nana, happy birthday to you! I miss you... and I wish, as you live in that Alzheimers unit with FDR speeches playing all the time over the loud speaker, that you remembered me, too...

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