Sunday, July 19, 2009

Soaking in the Thermal Mineral Baths at Pamukkale

July 19

Again, backtracking a bit... we stayed at a Thermal Mineral Springs Hotel in Pamukkale a few nights ago. This was a luxury accomodation, with the option of delving into many spa services: Clepatra mud bath, reflexology, Turkish bath and massage, Ottoman Foam Massage, Flowers Aroma Bath, Algea Face and Body Mask, and even a Cellulite Massage, if you were so inclined. Several of the women relaxed into various packages of these spa services and thoroughly enjoyed the quiet and the deep sense of relaxation...

I chose to spend my time in the various levels of the thermal spa, which was a part of the regular hotel package. Either way, this was the most decadent day of our Fulbright... but, we think, well deserved after miles and miles of uphill walking through the ruins and cave churches. We thank Gottfried for this experience and his sensitivity to know when the group simply needs to take time out to exhale, reflect, and relax together...

To baske in the most boiling thermal pool, you would need to begin at the top. I believe Martin is our rock star for this event, as he spent a total of 45 minutes in the uppermost pool. The rest of us were one or two layers down, in water that was still very hot, but not scalding. I felt like I had drawn a lovely hot bath, slid in to soak, and the temperature never cooled off.... Yes, a little bit of paradise.

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