Friday, July 10, 2009

Wading in the Salt Lake

July 10th
We stopped at a salt lake and the experience was very different than I anticipated. I'd heard people could effortlessly float on the Dead Sea, for example. This lake was loaded with course salt rocks, some small like pebbles, others the size of golf balls. It was easier to drag one's feet through the salt than to pick each foot up and walk. Pataricia, my roommate, gave herself a salty spa treatment, rubbing salt everywhere she could. She ended up looking like Chalk Woman when it all dried...
A virus seems to be permeating the group. We had three people unable to go out on adventures with us today, and we had to take Jeff to the hospital. They gave him an i.v. drip and some antibiotics. He's now back at the hotel. We are hoping we don't all come down with whatever bug is floating between us...

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